Dr Roberts Beevers

Robert Beevers’ legacy is helping students like Craig change the world

Craig Walker, OU research student
Robert Beevers' scholarship enabled Craig to research how to build lasting peace

Open University students don’t just change their own lives. A legacy gift from an honorary graduate and early member of OU staff, is helping Craig Walker research how communities torn apart by civil war can be helped to heal.

Craig has spent three years understanding how lasting peace can be built in the aftermath of a civil war. Working in Mozambique and Nepal, Craig has worked with everyone from political leaders to child soldiers. His work will be used by aid organisations to help restore communities safe for families and children.

Craig’s work was made possible by Dr Robert Beevers, one of the OU’s “founding fathers”, who saw the need for deep thought and years of exploration to tackle some of the world’s major challenges.

Dr Beevers created a legacy that would enable exceptional research students to revolutionise how we think about the critical questions we face around the globe. His generous gift of £200,000 in his Will created The Robert Beevers Memorial Fund, to support OU graduates continuing their studies with the University.

Dr Beevers’ successor as the University’s Director of Regional and Tutorial Services, David Sewart, called him “a visionary – someone who could pick his way through the complexities of various kinds of external political opposition and create a highly effective team of colleagues working with each other and with other agencies across the UK.”

Craig says his research was “a truly amazing but also humbling experience”. He is keen to see his work shared widely to help the communities who need it most. “I am so grateful to the Beevers Memorial Fund for giving me the opportunity to do something practical to help.”