Dog assisting in home

Meeting the dogs that save and change lives

Peter Horrocks and Medical Detection Dog Ozzy
Peter Horrocks and Medical Detection Dog Ozzy

Alumni and supporters, with a particular interest in the work of support dogs, had a rare opportunity to see two of the clever canines that The Open University works with in action at the Milton Keynes campus on 9 June 2016.


The OU’s Fundraising Dinner shared with guests the amazing research by Dr Clara Mancini and her dedicated team to help dogs detect cancer and enable people with disabilities to live independently.


Visitors had the chance to see dogs from charities Medical Detection Dogs and Dogs for Good in action, using the prototypes developed by Dr Mancini. Ozzy (pictured with the Vice-Chancellor Peter Horrocks) demonstrated how he can detect particular types of cancer more effectively than any machine. Black Labrador Nico showed how Dr Mancini’s specially designed buttons can help him open doors and turn on lights with less stress on his body, enabling him to work with his human partner for longer.


Supporters also took part in an auction to spend a day as a researcher with Dr Clara Mancini, seeing her work firsthand. Thank you to everyone who attended the evening, and who have already donated over £77,000 to help make this ground-breaking research possible.