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Help Team OUFO to take on the IMechE UAS Challenge

Team OUFO are a team of Open University engineering students, and they are aiming to gain experience with real life projects relating to the aerospace sector. By creating an unmanned aircraft system to enter into the IMechE UAS Challenge, they will gain vital experience so that they are better equipped as graduates to take on the challenges that arise when undertaking projects in the work place. In addition to the practical skills required, entering the challenge will also help to develop their teamworking, time management, project management, budgeting and presentation skills.

Will you help the team achieve their ambitions?

Your help is essential for the team to be able to raise the funds to complete their project and enter the UAS Challenge. Being the first team to represent The Open University on this platform is not only a fantastic opportunity for them but is also a great way to pave the way for future generations of engineers.

What is the UAS Challenge?

It is impossible to deny the impact upon the world that unmanned aircraft systems have had since their inception. What was once the realm of science fiction has become a reality. With advances in A.I. and technology, it is more important now than ever to ensure that unmanned aircraft systems are used for the benefit of everyone. The UAS Challenge is a way for universities to think about how unmanned aircraft systems can be developed and used as a force for good.

The UAS Challenge is a national engineering competition held annually involving major universities from across the UK and around the world. The competition involves the design and build of an unmanned aircraft to achieve a humanitarian objective, such as delivering aid to a remote location. It has been the Institute of Mechanical Engineers' leading challenge in the aerospace sector since 2014. The Institute works tirelessly to ensure a direct link between education and industry, in turn creating graduates who are better equipped for projects in the work place. A great emphasis is placed on visiting schools to promote engineering as a career choice; cementing the future of engineering. The project is a year long, with phased stages of completion that require strict adherence and assessment in order to qualify to complete in the final 'fly-off'.

Why support this team?

The team are ambitious and highly motivated Open University students, coming together from all walks of life. Some of them already work within the aerospace industry, but they all share the ambition to reach new heights and accomplish something that will drive the industry forward.

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