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The Carers Scholarships Fund

Mike put his life on hold to be a carer. Please give carers the chance they deserve to build their future.

The Open University is proud to launch our Carers Scholarships Fund, the first ever of its kind in the UK.

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It’s quite a thought that at least three out of every five of us in the UK will be a carer at some point in our lives. So the chances are that you may already be caring for someone yourself, or certainly know another person close to you who is either receiving or giving care.

Whilst many carers want to care, it’s the human cost of being a carer that we want to bring to your attention today. A great many carers of all ages give so much of themselves and find their everyday lives disrupted so that they often end up exhausted. Carers are often unable to commit to a regular timetable and don’t have the money to study for higher education.

In year one the Fund supported the equivalent* of 51 undergraduate/postgraduate full fee-waiver scholarships, and in year two a further 40 were awarded scholarships. To ensure young carers are encouraged to apply we awarded 15 scholarships for those in the 18-25 age group in year one, and an additional 12 in year two. We are supporting more students in year three.

*Not all students will choose to study a full degree so student numbers could increase. The OU also offers Access Modules, Certificates of Higher Education and Diplomas of Higher Education.


We are open to donations. Please click here to donate. Full details of the scholarships and the application process can be found here.

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I am excited to endorse The Carers Scholarships Fund. This is a huge opportunity for carers to progress their education and their careers. It also demonstrates to carers how valued they are, how vital they are to our society and how they are part of a community, not struggling alone

Dame Philippa Russell DBE