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Taking care of donors

Taking care of donors

Our donors are at the very heart of the Open University community, and we want to ensure you are treated with the same care that you have shown to others. If there’s anything we could or should be doing better, we want to hear from you. We have a range of approaches in place to support and protect you - see the links below to download more detail:

  • Alumni & Supporter Charter      Our promise to you that we will be transparent and informative, thank you unless you ask us not to, and to respect your wishes and privacy
  • Complaints Procedure      We aim to meet the highest standards in fundraising. If something goes wrong, this is how you can let us know
  • Complaints Policy      An outline of what you can expect from us if you make a complaint, with clear timescales on how your named contact will address your concern
  • Ethics Statement      How we screen larger gifts to ensure that we only accept donations from reputable sources
  • Privacy Policy      How we communicate with you and safeguard your data

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